Scope Of Services
  Anti-Corrosion Protection Inspection and Replacement
  Blanking of Seawater Openings
Fabrication & Installation of Mooring Buoys
  Hull Cleaning
  Hull Inspection
  Hydrographic Survey
  Magnetic Particle Inspection
  Piers, Port and Harbour Inspection
  Propeller Polishing
  R.O.V. Operations
  Seabed Survey
  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
  Underwater Core Sampling
  Underwater Photography
Underwater Repairs
Underwater Welding and Cutting
In-water replacement of sacrificial anode is a cost effective method of maintaining cathodic protection of underwater steel work. This procedure carried out by experienced divers avoids the cost of dry- docking and can be conducted without interruption to the vessels trading schedule.

Subsea can inspect and report on the condition of Sacrificial Anodes and Impress Current Cathodic Protection System either as part of planned maintenance program or on an opportunity basis when other underwater works are required.

Additionally, Cathodic Potential readings can be undertaken to confirm anodes are active using Buckley’s Bathycorrometer

Subsea also conducts hydraulic cleaning of piles prior to wrapping of petrolatum tapes and or Fiber Sheet Reinforcement.
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