Company Profile

Subsea Services Inc.,
was founded in July 1998 and was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission as a commercial diving company providing underwater services to the maritime industry and the other industrial sectors whose activities involve in-water structures.

The Company employs experienced commercial divers and operates a full inventory of modern specialized equipment.

All Company activities are controlled through a Quality Management that is certified to the international standard of ISO 9001:2015 version by BVCThe special requirements of the International Association of Classification Societies and the Maritime Industry of the Philippines are included in the system. As a part of its corporate strategy, Subsea Services Inc. has combined an effective management structure.

Subsea Services Inc.
also recognizes that with the introduction of the international safety management code for ships and the increasing adoption of quality assurance standards such as ISO 9001:2015 by various sectors by the industry, it is incumbent upon service providers to adopt operating and management methods which acknowledge and incorporate these requirements.  
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